Here’s what some of our customers have said about British Chocolate Direct…

Who doesn’t like chocolate? There is a fantastic range of chocolate available, but when you move abroad that range changes.
Suddenly you are faced with a vast array of different chocolate and you find yourself missing the chocolate you grew up with and loved.
In my case it was Cadbury Twirls, Turkish Delight, Fruit and Nut, and a good old block of CADBURY’S
What a relief to find a web site ‘British Chocolate Direct’ where you could peruse all your old favourites and even find some new ones, and then get them delivered to your door quickly and efficiently. The wait is fantastic.

Bev – South West France


“I have searched high and low for all time favourites sweets,I keep trying the “old fashioned” sweet shops for any of these without much luck. When I did they were almost out so when I went back ( a trip of 30 miles) they didnt re-stock. So I hunted the web for these Caramels. Then I found British Chocolate Direct and now hopefully I have supplier for life”

Colin – Surrey, UK


Fantastic Range,especially the bulk bags, quick delivery, good communication really pleased will use on a regular basis for all my favourites

Arlene – Delft, Netherlands